The Cute-Guys!

July 13, 2011

Years ago (it’s becoming increasingly unpleasant to think about just how many years ago), when I was an undergraduate, I had a biology professor who would refer to any and all animals, especially lab animals, such as red-spotted newts or African clawed toads, as “the guys” or more often “the cute guys”.

Lately, my job has been really stressing me out, but in the last 24 hours or so, I’ve had three really neat run-ins with the cute guys that brightened my outlook and lowered my blood pressure. Last night, a really cute beetle with these awesome three-pronged antennae landed on my hat and hung out there for a good 20 minutes, while I davened maariv (trans. “prayed the evening service”). I played with this particular cute guy a bit, watching it fold up its antennae when I blew on them or moved my finger too close to them. Eventually the beetle got fed up with my harassment and flew at a lightbulb. I turned it off so it wouldn’t burn itself. I was somewhat sad to discover, upon looking the creature up, that my little friend, whose good looks had so charmed me, was in fact an invasive pest known as the Japanese beetle.

Then this morning, while I was running on a dirt road through the woods near camp along my usual route, I saw these two really big dark brown dogs that I didn’t recognize standing in the middle of the road. When they saw, me they started running towards to the woods, and from the way they ran, I realized they weren’t in fact dogs, but juvenile black bears. I stopped and listened to the bears crash through the underbrush for a few seconds before I continued running.

And this afternoon, after a long morning of meetings with counselors, teaching class and trying to study but being interrupted constantly by counselors with questions about the play, rushing in cloud of annoyance and stress, I saw this beautiful monarch butterfly flitting along the path, and I stopped to watch it for a minute as it would settle on the ground and then take off again flitting back and forth with no apparent destination or direction. This little colorful thing hovering over the dull, dusty earth seemed almost too beautiful to be real, like some kind of animation drawn into a frame of ordinary film, the way they used to do in the days before movies were made on computers.

In conclusion, thank God for the Cute Guys. Even when they are invasive pests.

One Response to “The Cute-Guys!”

  1. Chris DiCicco Says:

    I know not of the Beetle er the J Bears, but the Butterfly is a visitation from someone/thing from the beyond, We are blessed with contact like these, yer words made me smile. Thank You.

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