Homemade Scattergories

September 9, 2011

I don’t know why it had never occurred to me earlier that one could create a more engaging, funny game by making up new categories to use for the popular Milton Bradley parlour game “Scattergories”, in which players attempt to come up with items in different categories that all start with the same letter. Under the influence of a few mixed drinks, my friends Kim and Rocky and I each made up four new categories to come up with the following list, which contrary to my expectations, worked even better than the standard lists that Milton Bradley includes with the game.

Our list:
Dental Procedures
“That Kid”
Articles of Clothing
Animals I would have sex with
Breakfast foods
Oral fixations
Premises for Horror movies
Bathroom Items

So next time you go to play Scattergories, try setting aside the boring standard-issue lists and make your own.

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